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Temperature Devices

Temperature Switches - Series DA-7035-N
Bulb and Capillary type in 9 standard ranges.
Model TC10
Digital Thermocouple Thermometer

Type K Thermocouple, Large 31/2 Digit Display, ±0.3% Accuracy
  Bi-metal Air Temperature Switches - Series M-51
Double adjustable, heavy duty, universal mounting, automatic reset.
  Series TS
Digital Temperature Switch

3-Digit Display, Heating/Cooling Control, 8 or 16 Amp Relay
  Bimetal Thermometers - Series BT
2", 3" or 5" Dial, Dual Scale, ±1% FS Accuracy, External Reset.
  Temperature Controller - Series D16A
1/16 DIN, Microprocessor Based, Fully Programmable, Universal Input, Fuzzy Logic, Self Tune® PID.
    Digital Hygrometer Model 485-1
Measures % RH and Temperature.
  Series 651
Temperature Transmitter

RTD or Thermocouple Input, Zero and Span Adjust, Linearized 4-20 mA Signal
Series RH/RHL
Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

Calibration-Free, 2% Or 3% Accuracy, Optional Display

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Temperature/Process Transmitter

Series D2500

1/4 DIN Fully Programmable, Self-Tune PID
Series 32DZ
Temperature/Process Controller

1/32 DIN, Dual Zone Control, Fuzzy Logic, Self-TunePID










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