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PORTER Instrument Company is a global leader in analytical, dental, industrial and medical instrumentation. Since 1968, the company has specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of precision instruments that measure and control low flow gases and liquids for these applications. Our 54,000-sq. ft. fully integrated headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Hatfield, PA, 35 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

PORTER's passion for precision is a legacy dating from our founder's invention of a machine, using a heat/vacuum process, capable of precisely sizing the internal dimension and configuration of glass tubing within 50 millionths of an inch. This invention led to the first production of interchangeable, glass rotameter tubes.

Today, in that same tradition of precision, PORTER flow and pressure control instruments, both standard and/or modified to customer design requirements, excel in some of the world's most performance critical applications. They play a vital role in the production of computer chips. They're trusted for the regulation and measurement of anesthetic gases in operating rooms world wide. They aid in the production of pharmaceutical drugs, cutting-edge biotech research, dental patient sedation and environmental monitoring. In short, when the application has no room for error, the world can put its trust in PORTER Instrument.

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