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Dwyer Divisions
Proximity Controls was started in 1965 out of a garage in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The first product line was the Ultra-Mag™ Series of diaphragm level controls. The Ultra-Mag™ offers a unique and patented magnetic drive that seals the switch compartment. Building on their experience with magnetic drives, Proximity expanded into position indicators in 1977 with the invention of the Mark Series. Like the Ultra-Mag™, the Series offers a patented magnetic drive that completely seals the switch compartment.

Proximity Controls was acquired in 1989 by Dwyer Instruments of Michigan City, Indiana. Proximity Controls is still operated out of Fergus Falls today. Dwyer continues the innovative spirit of Proximity Controls by continually developing new products such as the Quick-View® and Detector™ position indicating controls and PLS rotating paddle level switch.

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  Level Switches


Explosion-proof Ultra-Mag™ Level Switch
For Powder & Bulk Solids

Suspension mount

Flange Mount
Capacitance Level Switch

For Solids, Liquids, or Slurries, Fail-Safe Protection, <1 pF Sensitivity

Series CLS2

Capacitive Level Switch
Powder, Bulk or Liquids, Auto-Calibration

Series TFLS

Tuning Fork Level Switch
Perfect for Sensing Low Bulk Density or Low Dielectric Materials

Gap Switch

Liquid Level Measurement, 1000:1 Wet/Dry Ratio, 316SS Wetted Parts
Paddle Level Switch

Economical Rotary Paddle Level Control, Top or Side Mounting for Dry Bulk Materials
Mini-Bin Dry Bulk Level Monitor

Compact, 4-Vane Paddle
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Ultrasonic Transmitter
Noncontact Measurement, ±0.25% Accuracy, 4-wire


Piezoresistive Level Transmitter
2-wire, Loop-Powered, ±0.25% Accuracy

Series LTC

Tilt Switch Control Unit
Adjustable Time Delay

Series BPV

Pneumatic Ball Vibrator
Small Size and Light Weight

Series PRV

Pneumatic Roller Vibrator
Prevent Material Jams

Series PTV

Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator
Low Noise, High Vibration Frequency

Series IPV

Air Hammer
Single Impacting Type

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Mark series

Position Indicators/Switches/Transmitters

Mark 1 - Magnetic Coupling
Mark 4 - Thru-Shaft
Mark 3 - Multi Turn

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